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      Outbound Text and Voice Alerts for medical Remind patients about appointments or prescriptions.

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      How does it work?

      Generate a scheduled or ad-hoc notification to a given mobile device either through SMS or phone call.

      Need for communication arises

      When your customers need to know something right away, the best way is to reach them on their mobile.

      Easily send an alert

      With Tropo you can integrate alert functionality into any app that you have already created.

      Happy Customer

      By keeping your customers aware of upcoming events and critical changes, your retention of those customers will be higher.

      The Code

      In order to integrate dynamic data such is seen in these demos, we show an example of the Ruby Web API in use in order to complete this task. This can be embedded directly into an existing ruby web application. JSON messages are sent to and from Tropo which enable sending both text and voice notifications via Tropo.

      Take the tutorial
      CallOrText = “Text”
      t = Tropo::Generator.new
      v = Tropo::Generator.parse request.env["rack.input"].read
      to = ‘+12223334444’
      from = ‘+14445556666’
      sessid = v[:session][:id]
      puts 'to: ' + to
      message = “Your appointment with Dr. Oaks is scheduled for 01/23/2016 at 3:00PM.”
      if CallOrText == “Text”
        t.call(:to => to, :network => "SMS")
        t.say(:value => message)
        t.call(:to => to, :from => from, :timeout => 60)
        t.say(:value => message)
      render :json => t.response

      Why Tropo?

      No Hardware

      Tropo is an in the cloud API which can power any type of Voice or SMS Real Time Communications. Nothing to buy, nothing to install, nothing to maintain. Easy to try out, easy to scale your wild success.

      Developer Friendly

      All you need is a text editor and a credit card and you can have a working app in minutes. Develop in languages that web developers are already familiar with: Python, Ruby, Javascript, and more.

      Build Anything

      All the sources for our demos are right on their pages, use them to jumpstart your app.